It's a deadly poison!

The volatile old man who lived next to Lar often yelled at the neighbourhood kids.


Alain must be replaced.

His promotion was long overdue.

There, there. It's all better now.

You can get anything less expensive in bulk.

Usually I drink two cups of coffee with lunch.

What was this all about?

It might seem a little odd, but it's actually quite normal.


Everyone loved it.

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Lincoln was sad that he had not won.


Nanda didn't mention the reason he was late.

Correlation does not equal causation.

That's a weird question.

85% of foreign investors working in Kazakhstan consider it the most attractive market in the CIS.

The approaches used in those two designs are exactly alike.

Keep an eye on Todd, will you?

Carter's tempered the excesses of his financal risk-taking.

I know what Shahid did to make you mad.

A tribe of natives once honored Christopher Columbus with an all-he-could-eat feast. Years of famine followed.

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They were on board the same airplane.

He made a careless mistake, as is often the case with him.

We should do this.

Smith argues that no international laws can be applied to this case.

I couldn't have dinner with Gunter.


When I was a child, I spent many hours reading alone in my room.

Nobody said this would be easy.

Troy is changing clothes.

Bryan tried to talk Margot into raking her yard.

There were fewer accidents this year than last.

I'll give you all the money you want.

Clearly, that wasn't the case.

The house was full of colorful art objects.

Canadian Thanksgiving Day and Columbus Day in the USA coincide, so Esperanto speakers from both countries take this opportunity to have an international meeting.

Could you take our picture?

Maybe I hurt them.

I know it's pretty important.

If you go, they'll go too.

Florian knows how to swim like a fish.

My friend lied to me.

I stepped aside so he could pass.

Did you mean for both of these sentences to be one contribution?

It'll soon be sunset.

It'll have to be done tomorrow.


Paul doesn't want any part of this.

Guy was sick, so he couldn't come.

Those are our choices.

You must live your life the best you can.

Suddenly, all the lights went out.

In case of emergency, call home.

Every other day I go with a friend; we lift weights whilst chatting together.

You can't pick who you fall in love with.

You're the perfect girlfriend.


I'd like to buy eye drops.

Marcia will wash dishes.

She's not among the regular employees of this company.

He was very pleased when he saw him.

Scarcely had I started out when it began to rain.

I learned that when I was in kindergarten.

Why is the dog here?

Amos told us to be careful.

I would like to speak to Johano.


What school a person graduated from counts for nothing.

Marty isn't the only one who thinks that is wrong.

The company, although with some exceptions, usually utilizes its resources very well.

I'll have rice, miso soup and natto.

Piercarlo didn't appear concerned.

Sjouke hasn't opened her book yet.

"Why didn't you tell me?" "You never asked."

The last time I smoked was well over a year ago.

Are you planning something?


Why didn't you tell me what happened?

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She had a watch.


What will the weather be like tomorrow?

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The morning sun is so bright that I cannot see it.

It is necessary to keep up with the times.

Earl flipped off the lights.

He laughs best who laughs last.

This is a Bible study group.

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Oliver wants me to do it.

Our son died during the war.

Jason just got up and still isn't quite awake.

Is this Canadian money?

Karen moved back to Boston.

He has consistently been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

Even though Cory eats mostly junk food, he rarely gets sick and his BMI is in the normal range.

Why do you learn English?

Let's get this meeting started.

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We'll fight.


He has completely lost all sense of duty.

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You take more calories than are necessary.


He would often sit for hours doing nothing.

Clayton is learning.

"I'm sorry." "No, you're not."


Did you make a cake?


Are you done with the paper?

I don't keep a diary.

I never laid a hand on her.

I received a call from Moran this afternoon.

Dan left for work around eight thirty.

May we swim here?

What's your favorite non-caffeinated drink?

Shakil turned on the hot water.

Jackye intervened in his coworkers' disagreement.

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Hohn stayed up all night texting her friends.

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We would have had fun if we had gone to the party.

They set out on a picnic.

Bruno can sing better than anybody else I know.

Amarth closed his eyes and tried to concentrate.

Do you think it might cause sickness?


The wind is blowing very hard.

Per doesn't have to tell me why.

As human beings are social animals, friendship is an essential part of life.

Can you find her?

Bobby died earlier this year.

Don't freak out.

I'm moving in with her.

I must help my mother.

I cannot render a judgment on that.

They have a very good curriculum at that university.

I'm not used to being yelled at.

I'm going to Boston this weekend.

That book is outdated.


The police suspected the truck's cargo.


I don't speak the language well, but I can understand most of what the native speakers say.


Jagath needs to gain weight.


I've got to give you something.

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After taking a bath, Novorolsky ate dinner.

Bring her home.

I'd like you to quickly look over these documents.

Can I ask him something?

What's your favorite cocktail?

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I wrote back to her.

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That's an even more waste of time.

Do you have a lot of things to do today?

Don't touch my guitar.


You're too young to have alcohol.


"Where's my phone?" "It's on my table".

He is also credited with banishing all the snakes from Ireland, and it is to this accomplishment that I would like to share this allegory and join with St. Patrick in banishing the snakes from all of Babylon, everywhere.

Please show me this book.

I don't mind hard work.

She must have been very beautiful.

She's most happy when she's at home.

Tonight the King of Hell returns.

He gave me a lecture on drinking.

Here's the letter from Agatha.

Jeany's yacht is one of the largest yachts I've ever seen.

I didn't know that you could drive.

Maybe what you said about Hunter is right.

It was one of those things.

Even though there was a no U-turn sign, I made a U-turn.

Shaw said his back was sore.

I'll pass that along.

It is impossible to burn a copy of Dante's Inferno because the ice of the ninth layer of hell will put out any fires kindled with earlier pages.

The child shouted, "Watch out, a snake!"

That'll bring the cost down.

We can speak here without a problem.

The weapon of politics is demagoguery.

I wish I had studied harder in my youth.

It's a very good sign.


I'm very glad to hear the news.

I am going to use what you hate against you.

When did Geronimo die?


Dick snickered at Harry.


The lake was beautiful with some swans swimming on it.